Oligarch Abramovich Leaves GBP 5K Kebab Tip As Judges Reject Asset Freezing Plea

Russian oligarch Roman Abramovich has shown he is still stuffed with cash after blowing GBP 5,000 on a tip for a kebab after judges rejected his plea to unfreeze his assets.

The former Chelsea football boss had been hosting a night out with two pals at a restaurant in Istanbul, Turkey.

But when the bill for TRY 85,000 (GBP 2,298) arrived Abramovich so pleased with the service he left the staff a TRY 175,000 (GBP 4,731) tip.

Picture shows Roman Abramovich in the Turkish restaurant, undated. The Russian billionaire left a good tip to the waiters. (@sefomer_ataysin/CEN)

On 20th December, Abramovich lost an appeal to EU courts to remove sanctions to freeze his assets across Europe over his closeness to the Kremlin.

Judges at the EU Court of Justice ruled that Abramovich, 57. Had rightly been identified as a key financial supporter of the Russian regime.

Multi-billionaire Abramovich had been locked out of the funds over his financial involvement with Vladimir Putin after the Russian president’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine.

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But the tycoon still apparently had money to burn when he entertained two pals to the lavish meal in Turkey. Where he reportedly rents a GBP 27 million mansion for GBP 40,000 a month.

Abramovich tucked into a posh Adana kebab kusleme sliced from the succulent lamb rump meat with side orders of chicken wings prepared by chef Omer Ataysin.

Local media reported that Abramovich, worth around GBP 7 billion. Chatted with staff for a long time before leaving the venue.

But after pocketing the tycoon’s cash greedy restaurant staff. Tried to get second helpings by demanding GBP 1,500 a time for pictures of the meal.

Picture shows Roman Abramovich, undated. The Russian billionaire left a good tip to the waiters in Turkish restaurant. (CEN)

Despite the lavish night out, though, the EU ruling must have left a bitter taste in Abramovich’s mouth.

They said in a statement: “The General Court dismisses the action brought by Mr Abramovich. Thereby upholding the restrictive measures taken against him.”

It said that the EU “did not in fact err in its assessment” by deciding to include and maintain Abramovich’s name on the lists at issue.

The ruling added: “The Court observes, furthermore, that the inclusion and maintenance of Mr Abramovich’s name on the lists at issue do not constitute an unjustified and disproportionate infringement of his fundamental rights, which include. In particular, the right to respect for private and family life, the freedom to conduct a business and free movement.”

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