Weatherman Jumps Into Sea To Show Effects Of Cyclone

This is the baffling moment a TV reporter jumps into the sea mid-broadcast and carries on reporting to show how deep the water is.

The bizarre video was posted to Twitter on 14th June with the text: “Masterclass in weather reporting.” At the time of writing, it had been watched more than 100,000 times.

The clip, filmed amid the effects of Cyclone Biparjoy, shows a middle-aged journalist reporting about the weather and the depth of the sea off Karachi, Pakistan.

Suddenly, mid-broadcast, he jumps into the water still holding his microphone and completely disappears under the surface as people behind the camera cackle.

His head and hand, which is still clasping the microphone, then emerge, and he continues with his broadcast while treading water in the sea.

Hilariously, he says to the camera: “The water is so deep that no one can touch the bottom.”

He then signs off as “Abdul Rehman Khan with cameraman Taimur Khan from Abdul Rehman News, Karachi”.

At the time of reporting, it was not clear whether Abdul was a professional reporter or if he was just making the video for fun.

One social media user commented: “Good heavens! This really is masterful. Great dedication.”

Another joked: “The brave reporter who goes to the depths of the situation and reports.”

A third remarked: “Due to partition, India has missed out on its top quality comedians.”

And a fourth offered the following advice: “Respected reporter, you deserve applause for your reporting. There can be no limit to passion. While it is suitable to stay away from the depths. (From one ex-reporter to a reporter in deep waters.)”

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