TV Reporter With Alopecia Takes Off Wig To Reveal True Look For First Time

This young Macedonian journalist and TV reporter has revealed that she is suffering with alopecia and has bravely shared several snaps of herself on social media to encourage others not to be ashamed.

Cece Nikolova from North Macedonia told her Instagram followers about her condition while revealing her appearance without a wig for the first time and said that she loves the way she looks.

Nikolova, 23, said that she has her ups and downs, but works hard to improve her self-esteem and reach a point of acceptance. Now she really likes the way she looks.

She said: “I am happy to have alopecia. It’s not something that you can die of! It’s just, you know… I look the way I look… but thank God I look this way!”

She added: “I have been living with alopecia as long as I can remember, but I decided 3 or 4 years ago that I would take my wig off in 2021.”

The beautiful TV reporter, who grew up in the SOS Children’s Village orphanage in North Macedonia’s capital Skopje, confirmed that she has alopecia, a condition also known as spot baldness, that is characterised by hair loss in some or all areas of the body.

However, Nikolova, who considers herself a Latin music lover and has often changed her fashion style in the past, told local media that she has a positive outlook on life despite the difficult circumstances she grew up in.

She said: “This is me without a wig. This is me, people. I am so tired of wigs and everything connected with them. They require so much unnecessary care and stress!”

Nikolova said she loves her job and is always working hard to become the most successful journalist she can be.

She revealed that she dreams of launching her own news portal some time in the future.