Iraqi Journalist Attacked After Speaking Against Armed Militias On TV

Iraqi journalist Amira Al-Jaber has been attacked and beaten by a group of gunmen after making a guest appearance on a TV show discussing militia groups in politics.

The incident took place in the district of Karrada in Iraq’s capital Baghdad on 24th January.

Many people on social media linked the attack to the fact that Al-Jaber had been repeatedly criticising armed militias and their involvement in politics, pointing out that “their lack of tolerance to criticism and their terror-driven methods of silencing other voices are not different from those of ISIS, the group they claim to fight”.

Credit: @ali_almikdam/Newsflash
The Iraqi journalist Amira Al-Jaber after being attacked in Iraq.

The British ambassador in Iraq, Stephen Hickey, stressed the importance of freedom of press for the country’s overall wellbeing.

He wrote: “It’s terrifying to hear reports of the violent attack against the journalist Amira Al-Jaber in Baghdad.

“People who commit such atrocities should be held accountable as no one is above the law.

“Protecting the freedom of the press is very crucial for the country’s stability and should help in creating the right atmosphere for free and fair elections.”

Twitter user ‘Ali_Almigdam’ said: “This is the life of journalists in Iraq, fear and threats of assassination and kidnapping. There’s no freedom and no law that protects them.”

This is one of several attacks targeting activists who are openly speaking against armed groups in Iraq in the past few months.

Credit: Newsflash
Tweet of the British Ambassador to Iraq Stephen Hickey about the attack on the Iraqi Journalist Amira Al-Jaber.